September 29 - October 1, 2017

Image: Pier Carthew

Image: Pier Carthew

Adopting movement actioned by young children as source material, LOOP explores empathy through a process of transposing a child’s instinctual improvised danced-movement onto adult performers, and from this creating an intricate visual experience and participatory choreography for children and adults. Through a residency at Arts Centre Melbourne, Nat Cursio Co will continue to work with children, through a series of workshops, adding more kids moves to LOOP as it progresses. 

Set in the round without a barrier between audience and performer, LOOP works on a three part structure. The first third exclusively uses dance material captured and learned from previous workshops with children. The second third is a playful and rhythmic arrangement of ball-play. The final third invites the children onto the performance area so that they can (if desired) become an essential part of the physical action alongside the dancers.

Presented by Arts Centre Melbourne during the September School holidays, 2017. LOOP is for ages 2+

Details and bookings:

Image: Pier Carthew

Image: Pier Carthew

Director/Choreographer: Nat Cursio

Dancers: Alice Dixon, Leif Helland, Francesca Meale and Harrison Ritchie-Jones. 

Lighting Design: Jen Hector

Costume Design: Sarah Hall

Stage and workshop assistants: Pia Lauritz, Luke Fryer

Commissioned by: Arts Centre Melbourne

Supporter: Maxmised by Chunky Move

Custom software design for workshop playback: Studio PDA

Thanks: Caroline Meaden for her contribution to initial development, Ebony Bott for programming us, Melissa Battersby for producing, and all the extraordinary kids who contributed their moves! 

All images by Pier Carthew

All images by Pier Carthew