12 hours ago - RT @climatecouncil: "The challenge for us it to create enough imaginative space to see the solutions"

12 hours ago - RT @climatecouncil: "Its no secret that a lot of us are sick to the back teeth of #climatechange inaction by the Federal Government"

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LOOP workshops

  • 9 Oct 2017

On September 25 & 26 we ran four workshops for kids aged 2-8, in pursuit of new choreographic material for LOOP. Thanks so much to all the kids who participated and contributed their radical moves!

LOOP was presented and supported by Arts Centre Melbourne, and performed by a killer team of Alice Dixon, Leif Helland, Francesca Meale and Harrison Ritchie-Jones - dancers who diligently, and in great detail, learned the idiosyncractic moves of many children. 

Images: Andy Drewitt