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Nat Cursio Co

Image by Gregory Lorenzutti 2015

Nat uses the umbrella of Nat Cursio Co. to encapsulate different strands of work created in varying contexts, scales and collaborative situations. This includes her choreographic and curatorial practices.

Nat’s choreographic work is concerned with the act of noticing. Often sensory, detailed and presented in unconventional settings, she creates situations where we might notice ourselves and each other in ways that are not always prominent in daily life, where the work can act as both an escape from and a return to the world in which we live. Vulnerability, resilience and hope are recurrent themes and Nat’s ongoing interest in our delicate ecosystems results in work that exerts a decidedly low carbon footprint and is adaptable for space and context.

As a curator, Nat conceives and directs major projects that assemble Australian artists to create new work under overarching themes. Playful, often immersive, and interactive, these projects present artists with the challenge to work to a specific brief and allows them to position and assert their 'particularity' within a strong framework. Projects such as With a Bullet and Private Dances provide relatable and experiential platforms for audiences to intimately engage with generous and inclusive contemporary performance.

Caroline Meaden, Alice Dixon and Melissa Jones in rehearsal for Blizzard at Northcote Town Hall 2013

Bec Reid teaching company class, Nat Cursio Co, 2007