Action Stations


ACTION STATIONS experiments in positioning artists' work as ignitors of action: physical, social, political, emotional. Curious artists working in movement and hybrid forms offer new ideas in a scenario where the audience are not only observers but also co-creators.

Natalie Cursio was invited to curate a program for the Campbelltown Arts Centre's (NSW) dance short works program. Natalie conceived and provided the overall creative direction and assemblage of ACTION STATIONS.

Image from My Sydney Summer by Deborah Kelly


Campbelltown Arts Centre, NSW
December 10
4pm and 7pm



Natalie Cursio

Key Artists + program of works

Deborah Kelly, My Sydney Summer
Vicki Van Hout with Henrietta Baird, Family Matters
Nalina Wait (and dancers), Choreomania
Jess Olivieri, Hayley Forward, Jochen Roller, Key Performance Indicators

Choreomania dancers: Sarah Banks, Emma Bathgate-Petersen, Jenevieve Chang, Emma Maye Gibson, Nerida Godfrey, Leeke Griffin, Julia Holmes, Kate Macdonald, Venettia Miller, Kirralee Mulley and Katie Williams.
Choreomania sound design

Lighting Designer

Travis Hodgson

Production/Stage Management

Clytie Smith

Image of Vicki Van Hout's work by Heidrun Lohr

Image of Deborah Kelly's work by Heidrun Lohr

Image of Nalina Wait's work (in rehearsal) by Heidrun Lohr

Image of Parachutes for Ladies + Jochen Roller's work by Heidrun Lohr