at least for a while anyway



Single channel video work, commissioned by Carriageworks for 24 Frames Per Second

A collaboration between Nat Cursio and Daniel Crooks, at least for a while anyway locates Don Asker, a treasure of Australian dance practice, amongst his 'other' life as a farmer. In a coalescence of figure and ground, the work is a meditation upon continuity, place and the solubility of identity, prising open the body to celebrate the wisdom and corporeal knowledge of one extraordinary human being.

Featured in Fjord Review (Nat Cursio writes about the process)

Made with:

Don Asker - performer
Pete Brundle - sound designer
Genevieve Lacey - recorder player


Carriageworks (NSW, Australia)
June 18 - August 2, 2015

Lightmoves Festival of Screendance (Limerick, Ireland)
November 19 - 22, 2015

Real Time Arts writer Keith Gallasch writes "In choreographer Nat Cursio and video artist Daniel Crooks’ at least for a while anyway, camera movement tracks left to right widescreen along a lakeside with its rushes and trees, until we reach a lone man, Asker, standing in the lake facing us. The camera moves on, the landscape gradually redistributed into striations of various greens, browns, blues and greys until the view is abstracted, although the water at times remains a ‘real’ if patterned presence. A hand pushes out between the lines and recedes, and then a leg, then head and shoulders, distorted like the melting limbs in Salvador Dali paintings but here coolly fluent, Asker stretching wide across layers of colour and over water in a series of supple moves. Asker’s dancing has been transformed, but the animation suggests agility, lyricism and even urgency. It’s one of 24 Frames Per Seconds’ best works. The ageing body emerging from and submerged in nature suggests a consoling and celebratory oneness"

This project has been supported by The Australia Council for the Arts, The Besen Family Foundation and Carriageworks

Nat Cursio and Daniel Crooks, at least for a while anyway, single-channel video, 2015. Commissioned by Carriageworks for 24 Frames Per Second.