Cindy and Polly Talk Dance


Cindy and Polly Talk Dance is a mini solo work, with a mask and two barbie dolls. The following text is heard in japanese during the Guns n Roses guitar solo.

VOICE 1 : well this is interesting

VOICE 2 : yeah, what do you think she's trying to say?

VOICE 1 : perhaps it has something to do with the abu ghraib prisoner abuse?

VOICE 2 : or maybe it is derived from some kind of traditional australian dance....

VOICE 1: no, by covering the head I think she wants to appear universal, 'without identity'.... something about dancers as objects perhaps?

VOICE 2 : mmm......can you see her left little toe? it doesn't touch the ground. i wonder if that was intentional or if its just one of her physical faults.

VOICE 1: maybe she has a big nose and that's why she's using the pillow slip.

VOICE 2 : you may be right there.. actually i heard she spent lots of time in korea last year and she was very jealous of all the small noses around her.

VOICE 1: yeah i completely get that, asian people are good looking...

VOICE 2 : i don't understand the point of this. is she being a rabbit?

VOICE 1: a kangaroo more likely - that's one of australia's special animals. did you know that kangaroos cannot walk backwards?

VOICE 2 : maybe its therefore symbolic of her moving forward in her career. after all she's nearly 35.

VOICE 1: well, australians are quite sarcastic so you never really know if they mean what they say.


Choreography / Writing / Performance

Natalie Cursio

Text translation and Voice

Haruna Noda


Guns n Roses

Sound recording / Mix

Pete Brundle


Original Works of World Choreographers
Theatre X, Tokyo JAPAN
February 12-14, 2007

Commissioned by Ishii Kaoru