Sunday March 22


Like a book-club for dance, Critnic is a structured but not too formal conversation space, encouraging more substantial dialogue and reflection than post-show-foyer-politeness often allows. So instead of talking about books we've read, we talk about dance performances we've seen. Critnic focuses on professional contemporary practice and dance performance presented in Melbourne in the weeks/months prior to the event. 

With a focus on the DANCE MASSIVE performance program, the next edition of Critnic is an opportunity to unpack your thoughts, be challenged by different responses and dig down into the offerings of the previous two weeks. Critnic encourages attendees to be open, brave and generous contributers to discussion. Chats happen in small groups, you choose your own verbal adventure, the food is free and you can buy drinks at the bar. All welcome

At Coopers Malthouse, Sturt St Southbank
Register from 11.45am
Critnic 12-2pm followed by a BBQ 
It’s Free!
But please book at

Facebook event page

Image of Critnic at Lucy Guerin Inc 2013

Some years ago Nat Cursio had been hankering for more in-depth conversation about performances made locally so she started by setting up ‘critical picnics’ with a small group of colleagues. More recently she has developed Critnic into a public event. The idea is that we recognise straight-up that there are going to be many different opinions, interpretations and responses to live dance performances (we move directly past the good/bad thing) so that we can open up more interesting, challenging and complex thoughts and questions around specific pieces of choreography and their related dramaturgies and audience experiences. 

Image of Critnic - Next Wave Edition 2014 by Eugyeene Teh


You book online (link coming soon) Then simply show up on the day and register by marking, on our designated poster, the shows that you have seen recently. 

We provide a format that will allow you to go from picnic rug to picnic rug selecting the works you'd like to talk about for a nominated time frame. You can choose to stay on one rug for more than 1 round or move to the next.

Image of Critnic - Next Wave Edition 2014 by Eugyeene Teh


Do I have to be a dancer or choreographer to attend?
No, anyone with an interest in dance can come along

Is it ok to come along if I haven't seen much dance recently?
Yes you can come along and contribute as much or as little as you like. You may just be there to listen.

How long will it go for?
2hrs with a break in the middle. That may seem like a long time but you'd be surprised how quickly the time goes once you get stuck into it!

Is it possible that the choreographer whose work we are talking about will be sitting at that rug?
No, we ask choreographers of selected works not to sit at 'their' rug. Critnic is not a feedback session for choreographers and we feel that having the choreographer at the rug may stifle conversation. (you can always ask the choreographer a burning question during the break or after the session!)

Will dance writers and critics be there?
We hope our local dance writers / critics can make it along - but they won't be there in positions of authority - just as people like us who have thoughts, opinions, ideas etc. 

Will I have to speak in front of a whole lot of people?
No only in small groups


Image of Critnic, Dance Massive Edition 2015 by Nat Cursio

Image of Critnic - Next Wave Edition 2014 by Eugyeene Teh


2014 - The second public Critnic was presented by Nat Cursio Co in association with Next Wave as part of the 2014 Next Wave Festval on Sunday 4 May at Shebeen, Melbourne

2013 - The first public Critnic was presented by Nat Cursio Co in association with Lucy Guerin Inc. on Sunday 24 November at LGI studio

Critnic has been previously supported by Arts Victoria and Insite Arts

2011 and 2012 - Original crit-nickers have included Luke George, Fiona Bryant, Cobie Orger, Kristy Ayre, James Welsby, Josh Wright and Shannon Bott.