Get a Grip (with Trace Elements)


Natalie was engaged as Co-choreographer and Artistic Advisor for parkour practitioners TRACE ELEMENTS show Get a Grip.

Part live action, part film, GET A GRIP is based on a raw yet refined approach to dynamic physical movement. The art of Le Parkour tests the physical, mental and cultural limitations of human movement as the body meets with natural landscapes and man-made structures in unexpected and awe-inspiring ways.


Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall
May 6-8



Morgan Evans, Chippa Campbell, Alex Yakimov, Harley Durst, Rhys James, Jamie MacDowell

Artistic Advisor / choreography

Natalie Cursio

Film Design

Peter Szollosi

Sound Design

Byron Scullin

Lighting Design

Jen Hector

" impressive display of urban acrobatics and raw physical energy...Get a Grip transforms North Melbourne Town Hall's Arts House into an urban streetscape. The stage is a large scaffolding structure with wide vertical walls mimicking the sides of buildings and large industrial blocks. The crowd sits on shallow tiered benches as if in an inner-city skate park. Emerging like ninjas from the darkness, five figures arch and stretch their bodies, moving across the angles of the scaffolding. Swinging and climbing like spider monkeys, the figures become clearer in the smoky orange light...Trace Elements present Parkour in such a startlingly unpretentious way. The performance is fascinating and refreshingly new."

Review by Stephanie Glickman from AUSTRALIAN STAGE ONLINE