Homeless Dance


Image: Chi Wai

Homeless Dance was an ambitious collaboration exploring the meeting of different cultures : cultural identities, cultural activities and cultural symbols. It was made across three cities - Melbourne, Hong Kong and Taipei and what resulted was an eclectic mash-up of vignettes and scenarios.

"We developed dance sequences based on Australian rules football umpiring actions and ‘sandwiched’ them with 60’s love songs from Hong Kong. We meshed Chinese opera style karaoke with a ‘fake’ tai chi choreography, set it to some popular 80’s Australian rock music. We wore animal masks that ‘represented’ each of our countries and we explored more political/ethical ideas through the onslaught of never-ending origami planes wounding a slow-dancing panda...It was a kind of wacky exposition and subversion of cultural cliches." Natalie Cursio


Showing, Arts House, Meat Market
April 28, 2007

Cultural Activities Hall, Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre
May 11-13, 2007

National Chiang Kai-Shek Theatre
May 25-27, 2007

Image: Chi Wai


Choreographers / performers

Chan, yu chun
Natalie Cursio
Kim, Sung yong
Motoko Ikeda
Daniel Yeung


Anna Cheng

Tour manager (HK, Taipei)

Grace Yu

Lighting Design

Antony Lai

Set / Visual Artist

Elizabeth Boyce

Sound Design (Taipei only)

Yu Huan Fu

Video Design (Taipei only)

Carrie Ou

about Homeless Dance Company

Homeless Dance Co. is a by-product of the Little Asia Dance Exchange Network Tour of 2004. Identifying the need for development and maintenance of international relationships in dance, the idea of Homeless Dance Company was conceived : a regular meeting of the LADEN 04 participants over the next 10 years in their respective countries and beyond.

Homeless Dance Co are Chan Yu-chun [Taiwan], Anna Cheng [Hong Kong], Natalie Cursio [Australia], Motoko Ikeda [Japan], Kim Sung yong, Jung Young doo [Korea] and Daniel Yeung [Hong Kong].

Homeless is a ‘nomadic company’, seeking to present dance events, collaborations and performances globally, while including local artists and creating new networks in dance and the broader arts. In each country local artists are gathered to the projects, creating a ‘snowball effect’ and effectively expanding company membership and developing new relations.

Image: Chi Wai

press quote

"A dance without “home-base” finds its only destination in the process and trajectory of a constant metamorphosis. The ceaseless evolution comes with the changes in time, space and people. Dance itself becomes an organic entity, no starting point, no ending point; and the dancers are the carriers of these phantasmagoric scenes. This is the principal idea of Homeless Dance which unifies Natalie Cursio from Melbourne, Kim Sung Yong from Seoul, Motoko Ikeda from Tokyo, Yogi Chan from Taipei and Daniel Yeung from Hong Kong, dancers from five corners of the Asia Pacific. This nomadic tribe has no fixed home base or financial support. They travel through geographical boundaries and they embrace cultural differences. They investigate the construction of identity and the source of everyday life through modern dance. These are the most enthralling aspects of Homeless Dance’s recent presentation."

Image: Chi Wai


Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Dept.
Asian Cultural Council
National Chiang Kai Shek Cultural Centre
Chin Lin Foundation
Australia Council for the Arts
Arts Victoria
Arts House CultureLAB