Live Clips


Image of Alice Dixon by Vicki Jones

LIVE CLIPS are like video clips - only there's no video - its all about the body and the music.

This project was a series of 7 mini performance pieces integrating contemporary music, dance and theatre featuring the sounds of Melbourne composers and bands. Compositions were submitted for consideration and a select few were chosen by the choreographers to become the vehicles for new mini choreographies.

LIVE CLIPS includes 3 of Nat Cursio's short works, Glass, Sunspot and Lovesick plus works by Gerard Van Dyck and Stephanie Lake.


Commissioned by Union House Theatre / Mudfest
Guild theatre, Melbourne
August 29 - September 1, 2007



Natalie Cursio


Natalie Cursio, Stephanie Lake, Gerard Van Dyck

Lighting Design

Gina Gascoigne

Costume Design

Emily Barrie


Natalie Abbott, Jared Backhouse, Alice Dixon, Stephen Drane, Ming LI Hafon, Tyler Hawkins, Jayden Kenny, Oscar Lopez, Amy McPherson, Daniel Newell, Haruna Noda, Eleah Waters.


Benjamin McDonald, Fly South, David Holyoake, Nancy Hosking, nat, Slipper, The Thod [with extra music by Timothy Pledger and Evan Lorden]

press quotes

“Live Clips is perfectly paced.... a fun show brimming with confidence.....Live Clips manages to mark out its own territory and define its own rules, exploring how live performance can incorporate and respond to the proliferation of clip culture.”

“....humour, grace, energy and style. There was no pretension about this work.... It does converse in twisting bodies, haunting melodies and, it’s best quality, a sense of irreverent humour, gloriously backed up with oodles of craft. Making this physical work traverse that difficult hurdle of generating meaning to an audience. Of particular note.... was Natalie Cursio's Lovesick. A stunning exercise of a well executed image.”
Anthony Broadbent, MUDFEST REVIEW

"A full, multiple-course sensory meal...the performers drench the audience in an immensely satisfying deluge of music, movement, colour and sound"

"Dynamic, fun and high on enegry, this well crafted collection of choreographed pieces really connects with its audience... A mudfest highlight"
Richard Pettifer, MUDFEST REVIEW