Long Time At Sea


Long Time at Sea is an extended response to a piece of music, Sawdust and Diamonds by Joanna Newsom. "For some time I’d been curious to attempt a choreography with this music: it felt like something I needed to get out of my system. The work gathers some of the underpinnings that support my current creative interests: the importance of ‘listening’ in its many forms; the notion of resilience (psychological and environmental); and the generation of collective action, community and hope.Long Time at Sea presents a number of challenges to the performers - who are the very life of the work - asking them to tune in to the nuances of sound, investigate their own musicality, and develop both their individuality and their ability to work generously as part of a larger organism. 

Presented in June 2013 at Space 28, Melbourne



Nat Cursio and dancers

Costume Design

Ellen Strasser

Lighting Design

Benjamin Howlett


Joanna Newsom


Georgia Bettens, Sarah Bruce, Monica Carroll, Bronte Della Bosca, Gabriela Green, Kaitlyn McConnell, Georgia McGeechan, Tamsin McLinden, Francesca Meale, Harli Milnes, Ellya Sam, Anjelica Simatos