Playing Shop


in development 

Informal showings coming up during the Festival of Live Art
March 12 & 13, 2016 

Image: Pier Carthew

PLAYING SHOP is a performance, an exhibition and a shop for children aged 6-10 and people who identify as adults. 

Responding to children's natural inclination towards art-making and playing shop, the project considers the notion of transaction and the fixation on the marketplace as it sits within a contemporary art context: the commodification of art and in turn, the critique of art as consumption.

We give them something to do; they give us art. 

An adventurous work that mischievously looks at consumerism and child labour, anarchy and aesthetic value, PLAYING SHOP provocatively questions whether the value of the experience outweighs the waste produced in its creation. 

It will get messy.


Created by Nicola Gunn and Nat Cursio with collaborating photographer Pier Carthew

Commissioned by Theatre Works and supported by The City of Port Phillip through the Cultural Development Fund.

Our first series of developmental showings will occur during the Festival of Live Art 2016.

At: Brightspace, 8 Martin St, St.Kilda
When: March 12 at 11am / 1.30pm / 4pm
and March 13 at 11am / 1.30pm

Bookings here