With a Bullet : The Album Project

2006 + 2007

New dances to old songs.

Remembering what it was like to push aside the furniture and bust a few moves, 8 Australian choreographers recalled the first song to which they ever 'made up a dance' and used this song to create a new short work.

The result is comparable to an album of dance 'singles', each around 5 minutes long. The show features the work of a bunch of respected Melbourne-based dance makers. With music ranging from nostalgic 80's pop to obscure new age, With a Bullet : The Album Project invites the audience to recall their own experience in the lounge room with their arms in the air and stereo blaring.

The Album Project  features 2 solos, 2 duos, 2 trios, 1 quartet and 1 quintet with 6 dancers as an ensemble in various combinations.


Arts House, Body Corporate Season
North Melbourne Town Hall
June 21 - July 1, 2006

Full Tilt, The Arts Centre
Fairfax Theatre
November 28 - December 1, 2007

Image: Pete Brundle



Shannon Bott, Natalie Cursio, Simon Ellis, Phillip Gleeson, Michelle Heaven, Luke Hockley, Jo Lloyd, Gerard Van Dyck

Additional choreographers (remastered season 07)

Carlee Mellow, Bec Reid


Shannon Bott, Natalie Cursio, Simon Ellis, Jacob Lehrer, Jo Lloyd, Gerard Van Dyck

Additional dancers (remastered season 07)

Alisdair Macindoe, Alice Dixon, Matt Cornell, Holly Durant, Melissa Jones, Laura Levitus, Rob McCredie, Carlee Mellow, Kathryn Newnham, James Shannon

Lighting + Set Design

Matthew Delbridge

Costume Design

Paula Levis

Production Manager

Frog Philip Peck

Images: Pete Brundle

media and press quotes

Read about the project:
Editorial "Retracing their steps" The Age, John Bailey

Media quotes

“With a Bullet: The Album Project is a collaboration so obviously valuable that one wonders why something like it isn’t a permanent staple of the dance calendar.....It’s clever, catchy, and laugh-out-loud funny, three qualities that really do define With a Bullet as a whole. It’s far from the arch seriousness of much contemporary dance, while never losing a sharp, knowing edge.”
John Bailey,

“short, sharp and hilarious blast from the past..... provided a great excuse to shake of contemporary dance’s earnest demeanour and just cut some grooves - in a cleverly devised show that celebrates the sheer joy of dancing”  
Hilary Crampton, THE AGE

“once in a while there comes a show that speaks to everyone, whatever your thoughts on dance...utterly enjoyable and laugh-out-loud....the results are infectious.”

“This is such a brilliant populist idea for an evening of dance....Here we have a one all draw. A perfect outcome. This show had its first night audience buzzing, trading stories about Cat Stevens and Billy Idol, liturgical dance and karaoke”

“ is refreshing to see a program of top-level choreographers having fun and making the audience laugh...a highly entertaining collection that takes dancers into new territory...accessibility and appeal to both hard-core dance audiences and more general viewers, With a Bullet makes a perfect ending to the inaugural Body Corporate season..”

“Its great. It’s the show you should see if you don’t like/get/haven’t seen contemporary dance. It’s the show you should see if you do/have. I can’t imagine anyone not liking it. My plus one for the night called it an adrenaline shot. And it really is...It’s smart and cheeky and fun and accessible.”

“It was refreshing to be taken along an iconic journey with popular music, clever ideas and brilliant dancers..”

“There is no pretence about this work, you take it at face value and have a good laugh; it is a relatable and entertaining performance.....The hilarious and cringe worthy moments presented on stage allows the audience to let down their ‘high-brow’ guard and embrace child-like simplicity. The audience gets to revel in awkward moments and can easily identify themselves throughout the project.”  THE PROGRAM


Writer/artist Elizabeth Boyce interviewed the choreographers/dancers in 2005 and also wrote a program essay to accompany the show in 2006.

Read 'Loungeroom Dancing' by Elizabeth Boyce

Read group interview with Bott, Cursio, Ellis, Erskine, Van Dyck

Read individual interviews with Jo Lloyd, Luke Hockley, Phillip Gleeson, Michelle Heaven


The City of Melbourne, Artshouse, Arts Victoria, The Besen Family Foundation and Chunky Move's Maximised Program.