Austral-Asian Dual Invasion


Image: Cobie Orger

Austral-Asian Dual Invasion was the first stage of development and exchange, occurring in Melbourne, of the Homeless Dance Company project where 5 dance artists from five different countries came together to collaborate on a new work. The artists were joined by visual artist Elizabeth Boyce. The project included open rehearsals, a showing and discussion forum chaired by David Pledger. The project continued on to be further developed and presented in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

"As co-ordinator and rehearsal director of our Melbourne stay, it was my role to establish an initial working relationship for this project and to facilitate the exploration and generation of ideas for our new work, Homeless Dance. I began working with Elizabeth Boyce early 2007 and we developed ideas for paper objects to form a kind of landscape or environment, hence the masks, 'miss-world' sashes, and pop-up animals. Prior to the international team arriving in Melbourne I tested a number of physical and conceptual ideas that were then used as 'points of departure' for our choreographic experimentation. These relate, firstly, to the re-framing of cultural cliches and secondly, explore the removal of cultural identity. This collaboration was about being part of a new dance work which is different from the work I make as an individual - something that is a genuinely result of the varied personalities and styles of all the choreographers and the cultures from which we come." Natalie Cursio,

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Arts House, Meat Market
April 28, 2007


Choreographers / performers

Chan, yu chun
Natalie Cursio
Kim, Sung yong
Motoko Ikeda
Daniel Yeung

Set / Visual Artist

Elizabeth Boyce

Image: Cobie Orger


City of Melbourne / CultureLAB program
Arts Victoria