“Blizzard... an abstract essay of movement, beautiful in the complex dew of modernity.... It creeps and crawls into action, in an elegant use of momentum. Similarly, a host of abstract elements, used with the utmost delicacy and care, form the architecture of the piece, rather than a driving idea, or even an emotion, of which there is the full gamut, from unnerving, almost queasiness, to joyful...It is nothingness made almost have a childlike sensitivity to being engaged with it. A charming naivety, a wide-eyedness is induced - what will happen next?”
Fjord Review 2013

image of Alice Dixon and Caroline Meaden by Nat Cursio

Blizzard is a dance/sound work placing three bodies in a stark environment. These animal/human bodies are acute listening devices; they are (as a group and as individuals) sites of study/questioning/curiosity, at times manifesting the quietness and concentration of a nature documentary and at other times exploding, burning bright.

In its broadest sense, Blizzard is about listening. It is about absolute awareness and attention, employing an animal-like intuition and instinctual relationship to time and to cues for action. More personally, Blizzard is underpinned by a sadness at the ability that humans have to be careless with the natural world. The work proposes a reminder of the delicacy of an eco-system. I wonder at the tragic loss of habitat and the deterioration of the planet. Blizzard is perhaps my own kind of tribute to the ongoing capacity of animal life to forge ahead, attempt to adapt, and although their survival is not guaranteed we at least can have hope for a re-imagined future. I propose this art work as a micro-antidote to humanity's most individualistic and righteous tendencies.

Blizzard invites the audience to experience the work sensorially. It could be seen as a dance work, a sound work, a visual art work - or all of the above. I'm not interested in dictating or moralising but wish to open up space and time for interpretation and contemplation.


Direction/Choreography: Nat Cursio
Choreography/Performance: Alice Dixon, Melissa Jones, 
Caroline Meaden

Costume Design: Eugyeene Teh
Lighting Consultant: Travis Hodgson
Producer: Lee Cumberlidge, Insite Arts


Tuesday July 30 - Sunday August 4, 2013
The Substation 

image of Melissa Jones by Rachel Roberts

image by Rachel Roberts

image of Alice Dixon by Nat Cursio

image of Caroline Meaden by Rachel Roberts

image of Melissa Jones by Rachel Roberts

project history


Blizzard emerged out of a period of professional development for dancers Alice Dixon, Melissa Jones and Caroline Meaden and was supported by the City of Melbourne, Chunky Move and Florafox  Inc.

Blizzard was consolidated into a new dance work (in progress) under the direction of Nat Cursio with the support of the Besen Family Foundation, The City of Port Phillip and The Substation (Newport)

Darebin Arts supported a 1 week residency for Blizzard at Northcote Town Hall, with 'outside eyes' Tamara Saulwick and Eugene Ughetti.

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