Mild Things

2006 + 2007

Mild Things is one of the eight pieces that comprise With a Bullet : The Album Project. A mini melodrama set to 70's disco hit I was made for dancin' by Leif Garrett. This song was the first that Natalie ever choreographed to as an eight year old. Natalie re-visits the song with an action packed tale of lust and deception - school prom style.


Arts House, Body Corporate Season
North Melbourne Town Hall
June 21 - July 1, 2006

Full Tilt, The Arts Centre
Fairfax Theatre
November 28 - December 1, 2007



Natalie Cursio


Shannon Bott
Simon Ellis
Jo Lloyd

Additional dancers (remastered season 07)

Alisdair Macindoe, Alice Dixon, Holly Durant, Melissa Jones, Laura Levitus, Kathryn Newnham

Lighting + Set Design

Matthew Delbridge

press quotes

“Cursio’s own contribution is a highlight: a catapult ride through a sex-and-crime filled narrative that alternates between soap opera, action film and pulp noir. its clever, catchy and laugh out loud funny...”
John Bailey, REAL TIME

“Perhaps not surprisingly, Natalie Cursio's own piece is the killer app of the night. If I had an idea this good,  I'd want to curate an evening of works allowing me to show it off too! Mild Things is a perfectly-formed mini- movie. Cursio puts a frame around a Leif Garrett song. It's more than a frame, really. It whacks the song on an easel as well.....all adventure and melodrama. Yes. Melodrama is exactly right. A little, soapy oper-etta. It's quite brilliant. Dazzlingly witty and fun.”


The City of Melbourne, Artshouse, Arts Victoria, The Besen Family Foundation and Chunky Move's Maximised Program.