Nature Strip


Image: Geordie Barker

Nature Strip laments the righteous, reckless, greedy and careless ways in which humans suck the life from the natural world. Nature Strip considers our contradictory relationship to other animals and pays tribute to 8 of those on Australia's long list of critically endangered species.

Presented at Gasworks Theatre, November 2008

Image: Geordie Barker



Natalie Cursio (with the dancers)


Danielle Bremner (Orange Bellied Parrot)
Talia Fisher (Gilbert's Potoroo)
Ben Hancock (Mountain Mistfrog)
Tyler Hawkins (Bare-rumped Sheath-tail Bat)
Paula Lay (Golden Sun Moth)
Irina Nita (Western Swamp Tortoise)
Adam Pawlikowski (Grey Nurse Shark)
Jacquinta Young (Boggomoss Snail)

Costume Design

Eugyeene Teh

Lighting Design

Damien McLean


Johnny Cash
Max Richter
Sigur Ros

review quote

"... an unaffected, spirited little number... Nature Strip is neatly composed yet manages to retain a womderful sense of spontaneity. The tension builds steadily with the push and pull of the choreohgraphy before breaking into a liberated final scene..."
Jessica Thomson DANCE AUSTRALIA, 2009

Image: Geordie Barker