Private Dances


Private Dances won the Green Room Dance Award for Best Concept and Realisation, 2010 and was followed by a recent return season in 2013.

Image of Radhika Krishnamoorthy by Jorge de Araujo

Private Dances is all about intimate encounters with dance; One on one performances, private rooms and damn good dancing. Audiences are invited to eat, drink, and work their way through a formidable selection of live dance and dance on screen.

Featuring a diverse cross section of super-fine work by a new generation of top-notch dancers, choreographers and dance film makers, Private Dances houses individual works in a series of tiny private rooms. These rooms envelop the viewer in the realm of each artist, treating them to a series of up-close-and-personal adventures in dance.

Private Dances is an immersive, celebratory and social event encouraging people to be brave in conversation about dance. Private Dances includes performances and specially commissioned dance films that are culturally and stylistically diverse.

Private Dances won the Greenroom Dance Award for BEST CONCEPT AND REALISATION 2010


2010 Next Wave Festival - Keynote Project
Arts House, Meat Market, North Melbourne
May 12-16, 2010

Image: Jorge de Araujo


Concept / Curator / Producer

Natalie Cursio

Set Design

Eugyeene Teh

Lighting Design

Rose Connors Dance

Maitre D

Simon Kingsley-Hall

Image of Jarred Dewey by Jorge de Araujo

program and artists

Live works by: Lily Paskas, Jarred Dewey, Atlanta Eke, Luckylocks, 2nd Toe Collective, Pretty Ruff, Gabrielle Nankivell, Radhika Krishnamoorthy, Hee Eun Jeong, Phantom Limbs.

Film works:
The Palindromist
, Kristy Ayre + Nick Rous
Black and Blue
, Jimmy McGilchrist
Liberty in the Dark, Sam Fox
Salt, Paula Lay
Relative States of Motion, Cobie Orger
Mondo Ghillies, Sarah Mace Dennis

Still from The Palindromist

press quotes

"Dancing stripped of the restrictions of a stage and the anonymity of a crowd became an intimate interaction. Underlying the evening’s fantastical entertainment was pleasure in its quiet voyeurism and feeling of gratitude. Private Dances was a gift to the audience, a rare opportunity to be treated like a royal guest in a Persian tent city. Not surprisingly, the show was a festival favourite and quickly sold out.”
Varia Karipoff, REAL TIME 2010

“’s a brilliant concept and its logistic realization was a well-oiled machine... Audiences got up-close bursts of dance ranging from traditional Korean to contortion to hip hop, with performers, sometimes literally in their laps, or staring them closely in the eye.... It would be well worth reviving the Private Dances format. Not only does it create an avenue for many artists to present at once, there’s scope for pure technical displays, more concept driven pieces and one-hit wonders. The entertaining, highly accessible mix is interactive and tasty, allowing audiences to combine their love of a great party with an alternative way to look at and discuss dance.”
Stephanie Glickman, AUSTRALIAN STAGE ONLINE 2010

"One attendee told me that she finally understood the appeal of Boxing Day sales: she was ready to step over heads to get to that next piece of art.... We weren't just in a replica of a nightclub – we were in a great nightclub, the kind everyone's desperate to get into."
John Bailey, CAPITAL IDEA 2010

“Most of the individual performances were great on their own terms but the broader context in which they arose was exactly what so many in the world of the arts call for but almost never produce: conversation. There's plenty of talk about the need for more talk but when someone really makes it happen, they should be heaped with praise. If Private Dances is anything to go by, at least. So if you get a chance to catch a remount, take it.”
John Bailey, CAPITAL IDEA 2010

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Image of Gabrielle Nankivell by Jorge de Araujo


Besen Family Foundation, Next Wave, City of Melbourne, Australia Council for the Arts, ReelDance, Birdman Eating, Innocent Bystander, White Rabbit, Thread Den, Brokers Gin, Nice Device, Queensland Government, Ausdance Vic, Helen Gory Galerie, Traffic Light, UNSW.

Image of 2nd Toe Collective by Jorge de Araujo

Image of James Welsby + Amy Macpherson by Jorge de Araujo